On-Demand Testing | B2BTester
On-Demand Testing

On-Demand testing comes into action when there is an unexpected project or sudden change in delivery.Providing a cost-effective solution for short-term QA needs.

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Managed Testing Services | B2BTester
Managed Testing Services

Our managed testing services cover everything from planning and designing test cases to executing them and improving QA processes.

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CrowdSourced Testing | B2BTester
CrowdSourced Testing

Elevate the digital experience of your customers using the power of crowdsourced testing Deliver higher-quality mobile, cloud, and website apps.

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Platforms We Cover In Testing


Tools We Use For Testing

API Testing Tool | B2BTesters
Defect Tracking Tool | B2BTesters
Website Link Tool | B2BTesters
Visual Testing Tool | B2BTesters
Source Code Tool | B2BTesters
Bug Tracking Tool | B2BTesters
Database Test Tool | B2BTesters
Mobile Testing Tool | B2BTesters
Test Case Tool | B2BTesters
Security Test Tool | B2BTesters
Test Automation Tool | B2BTesters
Unit Test Tool | B2BTesters
Performance Tool | B2BTesters
Accessibility Tool | B2BTesters
Automation Tool Pattern Automation Tool Mobile Pattern

Full Stack Testing

Full Stack Testing | B2BTesters
Full Stack Testing | B2BTesters Full Stack Testing | B2BTesters

B2BTesters | Testing service for fast paced Startups.


  • Manual Testing
  • Web Automation
  • Mobile Automation


  • Penetration Testing
  • API Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Report (VAPT)


  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application


  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Volume Testing

QA Process

QA Process | B2BTesters

Industries We Serve

Fintech | B2BTesters
Logistic | B2BTesters
Gaming | B2BTesters
Healthcare | B2BTesters
AI Services | B2BTesters
Legal | B2BTesters
Education | B2BTesters
Retail | B2BTesters
Telecom | B2BTesters
IOT services | B2BTesters
Media & Entertainment | B2BTesters
Others | B2BTesters
Automation Industries Pattern | B2BTesters Automation Industries Mobile Pattern | B2BTesters

Case Studies

Classplus Automation Case Study | B2BTesters
Feb 22, 2023
Classplus Automation Case Study

B2BTesters helped Classplus to significantly reduce the manual testing effort and decrease the release cycle through automation. Implementing automation for all Classplus modules has proven to be an effective solution for reducing manual testing effort and speeding up the release cycle. Manual test cases execution for each release takes approx. 44 man days for 1 device & 1 browser. B2B Testers reduced this time to release drastically to 4 days which is 90% of overall time for release. This is achieved by implementing automation for all the Classplus modules.

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