Our Story
fast paced startups…
You are a fast paced startup. Great! We understand the adrenalin. In our products we built, we took pride in churning out features in days! There was a cost though – few customers became our QA team , some were upset though
We had a dilemma - In our product dev ops, we had one resource for testing a mid level but have always had issues with the bugs. Our dilemma was
  • We cannot afford multiple team members as the work was not continuous
  • We cannot retain the team as they don’t have continuous and challenging work, nor can we give a proper career path inside the company
  • We were never sure if we can catch critical bugs – we continuously get bad user experience despite our best efforts
I (Venkat) realized this problem is common across fast paced startups – who want to focus on the product and not get slowed down by bugs, yet keep them absolutely under control at an affordable cost.
I called on Raghu, who is an industry veteran, joined hands and thus is the genesis of b2btesters.
Full Stack Testing
Our value Proposition


With our continuous integration, cut-short your release cycles by 20%


3x Bugs than in-house teams with proprietary process, decades of experience, bug finding as science


Up to 50% of savings in costs. We invest in systems, platforms, devices, analytics that we don’t charge you. Plus we don’t charge management /infrastructure fee.


1000s of interfaces, use cases testing combos. We have them already mapped. Multi-Platform testing facilitates testing across various devices, operating systems and browsers for smooth operations

Our Process
B2B Expert Services

Automation Tool Expert Services

Automating your testing process can reduce upto 99% of the defects and reduce upto 30% of your time. Fasten up your testing process with our automated testing services.


Manual Test Design and Execution Services

You don't have time,but you have us and our dedicated team of professional experts with an eye for detail to take care of everything.


Security Test Services

You don't need to have sleepless nights worrying about the safety and security of your customer's data because we've got you covered with our security testing solutions.


Performance Engineering & Optimization Services

Effective website performance is preceded by constant optimisation and analysis of consumer trends and competitors that we do for your business.

man machine combination

Our test architect and lead understand your product/service and design test cases.
Our test engineer takes the job of doing the testing, reporting and communication.
With us, you don’t need to worry about automation. Whatever is automate-able, we automate!
We invest in testing devices including mobiles.
Pricing Model

Transparent, Unbeatable price!
App / Website Test case design by senior QA Architect
Monitoring by QA Lead Test case execution
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • API Testing
  • Positive Testing
  • Negative Testing
  • Link verification
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Simulated tests(for apps)
Hotfix verification QA Signoff for release
Post Fix Revised reports Daily Update on build status
Daily bug logging in jira/Bugzilla/Github Comminication with client team on bugs/clarifications/fixes
Basic security test 5 Physical/Real Mobiles
What are you saving?
  • Senior QA Architect Time
  • Senior Mobile Architect Time
  • Team Lead Cost
  • Need to buy the devices
  • ImagesCost of the resource vis a vis experienced resources
  • ImagesCost of hiring / training / rehiring / retaining
  • ImagesInfrastructure
technology stack

clients & certifications

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