Our managed testing services cover everything from planning and designing test cases to executing them and improving QA Processes.
Execute Test Cases | B2BTesters
Execute Test Cases
Improve QA Process | B2BTesters
Improve QA Process
Managed Testing Services | B2BTesters
Managed Testing Services

Specialized testing abilities with a partnership for managed QA services. We take care of the complete QA essentials, including staffing, delivery, program management, and thought leadership.

  • Checked | B2BTesters Outcome-based services as per the service levels with low effort on governance
  • Checked | B2BTesters Allows you to focus on your core business.
Project- Based Testing | B2BTesters
Project- Based Testing

Project-based testing engagement with agreed deliverables or resources to help satisfy your project requirements

  • Checked | B2BTesters Meet project milestones with the certainty of high product quality.
  • Checked | B2BTesters Fixed Cost or T&M based on scope and project plan clarity.
Managed Crowd Testing | B2BTesters
Managed Crowd Testing

Web App testing formula combines professional services, a global network of pro-level testers, and best-in-class software testing. Find the show-stopper problems that matter the most.

  • Checked | B2BTesters 24/7 access to our network of the best-trained, most motivated testers in the business
  • Checked | B2BTesters Fast, flexible and on-demand.

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