DevOps Consulting
DevOps Consulting - Digital Assurance | B2BTesters

Strategize Your DevOps Transformation To Accomplish Fast Delivery With Assured Quality by employing DevOps Consulting To Get Quality Software & Deliver Great Customer Experience.

Enterprise DevOps Transformation
Enterprise DevOps Transformation - Digital Assurance | B2BTesters

Embrace Next-Gen Enterprise DevOps Transformation To Deliver Faster Deployments With Better Quality And Receive Quicker Time To Market.

Test Automation in DevOps
Test Automation in DevOps - Digital Assurance | B2BTesters

Accelerate Your Time To Market With Faster Releases Embracing Test Automation In DevOps.

DevOps CI/CD Implementation
DevOps CI/CD Implementation - Digital Assurance | B2BTesters

Accomplish Accelerated Delivery And Improved Software Quality With DevOps CI/CD Implementation by Employing DevOps CI/CD Best Practices.

Test Advisory
Test Advisory - Digital Assurance | B2BTesters

Enhance Your Organisation's Testing Competence by employing our services.

TCoE Setup
TCoE Setup - Digital Assurance | B2BTesters

Alter your QA into a next-gen organization by establishing up a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE).

Data Warehouse & ETL Testing
Data Warehouse & ETL Testing - Digital Assurance | B2BTesters

Prevent your Data Loss and Ensure that the data has been loaded from a source to the destination by employing our services.

Data Migration Testing
Data Migration Testing - Digital Assurance | B2BTesters

Ensure data migration from on-premises infrastructure and applications to cloud-based storage to optimize your business by employing our services.

API and MicroServices Testing
API and MicroServices Testing - Quality Engineering | B2BTesters

Add stability to your core functions and produce more by employing our API and Microservices Testing.

Globalization and Localization Testing
Globalization and Localization Testing - Quality Engineering | B2BTesters

Ensure that your application is ready for a Global launch by employing Our Globalization and Localization Testing Services.

Cloud Testing
Cloud Testing - Quality Engineering | B2BTesters

Push And Break Your Testing Limits by Cloud Testing As An Alternative For Intuitive And Simple Testing Solutions.

Tricentis TOSCA Testing
Tricentis TOSCA Testing - Quality Engineering | B2BTesters

Accelerate testing on your project with script-less, AI-based, no-code approach features of Tricentis TOSCA.

ServiceNow Testing
ServiceNow Testing - Quality Engineering | B2BTesters

Ensure that your ServiceNow portal is defect-free and functionalities are working as expected by employing our ServiceNow Testing.

Salesforce CRM Testing
Salesforce CRM Testing - Quality Engineering | B2BTesters

Experience Seamless Application Compatibility and Augument Testing Accuracy With Salesforce Testing Services.

Performance testing is a crucial aspect of software development and involves evaluating how a system performs under different conditions. There are several types of performance testing that focus on specific aspects of system behavior. Here are the main types:

Performance Testing
Performance Testing - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

Enhance Your Software's Functionality, Reach More Audience, Get Rated Well, And Grow Your Sales With Our Efficient Performance Testing Services.

Test Data Management
Test Data Management - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

Get Access to the best possible type of test data for testing in production by leveraging our services.

Load Testing
Load Testing - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

This type of testing involves applying a load to the system to evaluate its performance under normal and peak conditions. The goal is to determine whether the system can handle the expected load volumes within acceptable response times.

Stress Testing
Stress Testing - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

Stress testing involves pushing the system beyond its normal operational limits to evaluate its behavior under extreme conditions. The objective is to identify the breaking point of the system and understand how it handles stress.

Soak Testing (Endurance Testing)
Soak Testing (Endurance Testing) - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

Soak testing involves running the system under a significant load for an extended period to assess its performance and stability over time. This helps uncover issues related to memory leaks, database connection leaks, or other performance degradation over prolonged use.

Spike Testing
Spike Testing - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

Spike testing evaluates how the system performs when there are sudden spikes or surges in user traffic or data volume. The goal is to determine whether the system can handle rapid increases in load without significant degradation in performance.

Scalability Testing
Scalability Testing - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

Scalability testing assesses the system's ability to scale up or scale out to accommodate increased workload or growing user base. It helps determine how additional resources (such as servers, CPU, memory) impact the system's performance.

Volume Testing
Volume Testing - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

Volume testing involves testing the system with a large amount of data to evaluate its performance, data storage, and database handling capabilities. The focus is on assessing how the system behaves when handling a high volume of data transactions.

Concurrency Testing
Concurrency Testing - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

Concurrency testing checks the system's performance when multiple users access it simultaneously. The goal is to identify issues related to shared resources, locking mechanisms, and thread synchronization.

Isolation Testing
Isolation Testing - Performance Testing | B2BTesters

Isolation testing involves testing individual components or modules of the system to identify performance bottlenecks at a granular level. This helps pinpoint specific areas that may need optimization.

AI Testing
AI Testing - Next-Gen Testing | B2BTesters

Efficiently recognize pitfalls and discover even the negligible error with constant updates to the algorithms by employing our Efficient AI Testing Services.

Crowdsourced Testing
Crowdsourced Testing - Next-Gen Testing | B2BTesters

Expert testers, real devices, available on-demand, 24/7. Outperform traditional crowdsourced testing with networked testing from B2BTesters.

RPA Testing
RPA Testing - Next-Gen Testing | B2BTesters

Boost your operational efficiency by eliminating human intervention and automating repetitive business processes with a software bot.

Digital Testing
Digital Testing - Next-Gen Testing | B2BTesters

Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey With Digital Testing by enabling IT modernization by Cloud adoption.

DevOps and Agile Testing
DevOps and Agile Testing - Next-Gen Testing | B2BTesters

Employ Specialized Testing To Create Right QA Capabilities For Agile And DevOps

Blockchain Testing
Blockchain Testing - Next-Gen Testing | B2BTesters

Secure, Store and Manage digital identity and data by employing our Blockchain testing services.